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_Life at Arturia

Arturia is composed of passionate, creative, and forward-thinking individuals, working in harmony to achieve the excellence that sound explorers deserve.


Creativity & Boldness

In a fast-growing organization like Arturia, every day has its challenges. This drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves and explore every possibility to achieve the best in everything we do. This atmosphere leaves space for us to grow and shape new ideas and projects that impact the future of our positions. We believe that innovation is not only the result of combining excellent ideas in a new way, it is about daring to do what has never been done.

Excellence & Attention to detail

Arturia was not built in one day. Its founders where aiming at top quality and took the time to create powerful products that would exist in the long term. This line of conduct, giving your best to reach excellence, looking at every detail to offer the best for the customers, is at the core of the company's DNA. It is reflected not only on the product and customer's side, but in company documents, internal interactions and communications, structuring technical projects or Quality Assurance test plans. it is the ambition we share in everything we do.


Arturia's camaraderie is based on easy interaction and flat hierarchy. It creates a warm atmosphere which encourages us to share our beliefs and ideas with fellow colleagues, regardless of status or position. This means that whatever our role in the company, we remain open to help, enjoy and share time with our coworkers.

Celebration of success

It is at the core of Arturia's philosophy to celebrate key moments in the year, product launches, project deliveries, anniversaries, and anything that can bring us together! We believe that success is much more than one achievement at a time, it is a virtuous cycle that reinforces the motivation on our journey and is the fruit of collective effort towards a same goal.