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_Diversity & Inclusion


At Arturia, we believe that diversity is a key factor in excellence. That’s why we’ve always been committed to fostering a workplace that is accessible, inclusive, and inspiring for everyone, regardless of gender, ability, age, or ethnicity.

A culture of openness

The way we see it, diversity and inclusion isn’t a topic of conversation or a matter of policy; it’s the way things are, woven into our DNA, and present in everything we do. We’re open not just to the diversity of our people, but to the diversity of ideas. We consider the person, the skills, the individuality that our employees bring to the table - not the label.

An international workplace

Arturia started as a French company, but today we consider ourselves international. We understand the vitality of communication, striving to maintain a workplace free of language barriers, where everyone has a voice, a sense of community, and freedom of expression. Between collaborative projects, daily interactions, after-work gatherings, and company events, our teams work in a harmonious environment that’s as social as it is professional.

Encouraging inclusivity

We’re proud to be actively engaged in developing employment initiatives for people of all walks of life, whether it’s for our industry-leading engineering departments, our dynamic marketing and sales teams, or anything in between. This means awareness and a proactive approach across the board, from providing equal opportunities for differently-abled people, to achieving gender equality.

Accessible to all

Our ethos on inclusivity also extends beyond our own employees. In creating and maintaining a diverse, open-minded workplace, we ensure that our products are as user-friendly and accessible as possible for everyone. This alignment of our internal culture with the impact of our company is pivotal to us achieving our goal: putting sound exploration and creative freedom within reach of anyone who wants it.


The French government implemented a Gender Equality Index in 2018, asking companies to follow a set of yearly indicators related to gender equality. On this index, Arturia's score is 86% as of 2023, stable compared to 2022.

Here is the evolution of this score overtime.