Software Engineer

Job description

Within a team of 15 Software Developers, you carry out the development of digital musical instruments and their user interfaces to create the musical products that support Arturia's growth.

Your main responsibilities will be the following:

  • Develop the product features until they are put into production, in coordination with product managers and project managers
  • Contribute to software architecture
  • Contribute to the performance and sustainability of products through the quality of the code, merge requests and automated tests

Job requirements

  • Master’s degree or equivalent software engineering degree
  • At least 5 years of experience in the development of C++ applications
  • Knowledge of macOS (Xcode) and/or Windows (Visual Studio) and/or Linux development environments
  • Ideally, you are familiar with scripting languages ​​(Python, bash), continuous integration and automated testing tools (jenkins, git, cppunit), and databases (SQL)
  • Experience on VST plugin development, user interface development (using OpenGL), or UX Design would be a plus

Position based in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin (Grenoble, France), accessible by bus. Remote work possible up to 2 days a week.