Firmware Engineer / Embedded Systems

Job description

Within our R&D team dedicated to the development of quality musical products, you will strengthen our capacities in the development of embedded computing. You will use your understanding of music production to develop innovative features, in accordance with the specifications defined by our Product Managers, thus providing creative solutions to improve the musical experience of our customers. Our short project cycles allow you to participate in the entire development of a product, from its specification phase to its release on the market.

Your main responsibilities will be the following:

  • Design, validate, and qualify the embedded system on electronic cards
  • Document your developments and comply with best practices
  • Participate in the choice of components
  • Contribute to technological watch and knowledge sharing
  • If you are interested, you may contribute to project management

Job requirements

  • Engineer/Master’s degree graduate
  • You should demonstrate at least 3 years of experience in embedded software development
  • Advanced experience in ARM 32 bits architecture (STM32) embedded software development and MIDI Standard
  • Proficiency in C/C++ language and source management and continuous integration tools (GIT, Jenkins)
  • Notions of digital electronics (measurement tools, debugging, design)
  • Knowledge of music, and more specifically computer music
  • Fluency in English, both oral and written